At-Home Workouts

These can be done in any order and even mixed, matched, and modified to suit your workspace, needs, mood, etc. If you have equipment, keep an eye on the regular programming via Triib and modify as necessary.

These are also suitable for our teens.

We will continue to add to this list. YouTube is a good source for video demos of exercises. You can download Tabata apps to your phone through the app store.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

AMRAP in 20:00
200-meter run
40 flutter kicks
30 air squats
20 push-ups

AMRAP in 10:00
4 T-plank push-ups
6 squat thrusts
8 jumping squats

5 air squat-lateral lunge-step-back lunge complexes*
5 jumping squats
50-meter run
30-50 flutter kicks
* Each complex starts with an air squat and there is an air squat between EVERY lunge

AMRAP in 10:00
15 double-unders or pogois
15 push-ups
30 flutter kicks

AMRAP in 12:00
100-meter run
10 walking lunges (5 per leg)
5  jumping squats => 5 air squats => 5 jumping squats

EMOM for 12:00
First: 0:30 bottom of engaged squat => 10 air squats
Second: 0:30 high knees in place
Third: 0:30 static lunge hold each side

AMRAP in 20:00
200-meter run
20 air squats
200-meter run
20 walking lunges

5 inverted rows
10 push-ups
15 air squats

EMOM for 15:00
First: 0:10 hollow hold => 40 Russian twists
Second: 0:30 wall squat => 10 air squats
Third: 0:30 plank => 10 push-ups

5-10 diamond push-ups (
5-10 inverted rows w/2-second hold @ top
10-15 woodchoppers each side w/weighted object (

10 wall slides (
10 reverse snow angels (
10 bench/chair dips
0:30-1:00 renegade rows, unloaded

30 walking lunges, unloaded
15 hip bridges, unloaded
10 Supermen w/2-second hold
150-meter run

EMOM for 9:00-15:00
First: single-arm doorway row (grab the threshold with one hand and sit back on your heels with knees bent; pull yourself toward the doorway without straightening your knees)
Second: renegade rows, unloaded
Third: plank chest taps

AMRAP in 12:00
50-meter high-knee skip
12 step-back-step-forward lunges (6 per leg)
12 woodchoppers w/weighted object (6 per side)
12 air squats

1:00 plank up-downs (alternating hands to elbows)
0:30 burpees
0:15 tuck jumps
50-meter high-knee skip

10 teapots w/weighted object each side
20 oblique crunches each side
40 side-to-side leg lifts

100 burpees for time

10 single-leg hip bridges each side
15 stationary lunges each side
20 lateral lunges

10 inchworms => 5-10 push-ups
4 x driveway shuttle sprint
50 flutter kicks

EMOM for 12:00
First: 0:30 plank => 5-12 perfect push-ups
Second: 5-12 hollows w/2-second hold

10-20 air squats
Burpee-broad jump the length of your driveway
10-20 step-back lunges
Burpee-broad jump the length of your driveway

AMRAP in 10:00
10 bootstrapper squats (
20 box/bench/chair step-ups, unloaded
50-100-meter run

2 x AMRAP in 5:00, rest 2:00 in between
10 deadlifts
10 goblet squats
Use sturdy weighted backpack/duffel

50 jumping jacks
20 skaters
50 air squats

0:15 jumping jacks
0:15 jumping squats
0:15 squat thrusts
0:15 rest

3 rounds (rest 2:00 between rounds)
0:15 jumping jacks
0:15 air squats
0:15 burpees
0:15 mountain climbers

1:00 alternating T-planks
0:30 elbow side bridge each side
0:30 hollows w/2-second hold
0:30 oblique crunches each side
0:30 prone (on the ground) side-to-side leg lifts
1:00 rest

EMOM for 12:00
In the same minute:
3 perfect push-ups
4 squat thrusts
5 strict burpees

10 plie squats (
10 adductor bridges each side
10 single-leg hip bridges each side
20 lateral lunges

2 x AMRAPs in 5:00, rest 2:00 between
10 tuck jumps (for these to be truly effective, ie, suck, try to string them together as continuous jumps and try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible)
10 air squats
10 squat thrusts

10-20 tempo air squats
10-20 tempo push-ups
* Tempo should be 5 seconds down. For even more time under tensions, you can add a 5-second up tempo as well.

Select any two of the following:
Flutter kicks
Side-to-side leg lifts
Oblique crunches (split rep total between sides)
Hollows w/1-second hold
Russian twists
Plank reach-throughs
Renegade rows (split rep total between sides)
Plank object taps (split rep total between sides)
Then do 12 reps of each movement
AMRAP in 6:00
-rest 2:00-
AMRAP in 4:00
-rest 1:00-
AMRAP in 2:00

15-25 air squats
10-15 burpees

EMOM for 12:00
First: 20-50 Russian twists
Second: 30-50 flutter kicks
Third: 10-15 crunches

EMOM for 20:00
First: perfect push-ups (hand-release if necessary)
Second: hollows w/2-second hold
Third: alternating T-planks
Fourth: side-to-side leg lifts

AMRAP in 12:00
12 lunges (6 per leg, walking or stationary)
6 jumping or air squats
50-100-meter run

1:00-2:00 plank
1:00 dead bug
10-20 prone (on the ground) leg lifts

10 lateral lunges
10-15 hip bridges
10-15 Bulgarian squats each leg, unloaded

EMOM for 8:00
In same minute:
10-20 side-to-side leg lifts
10-30 Russian twists, unloaded

EMOM for 12:00
First: push-ups
Second: inverted rows (use a sturdy pole/dowel of any kind set between two stable elevated surfaces, eg, chairs, to perform a row similar to a ring row)

AMRAP in 12:00-18:00
4 x 10-25-meter shuttle run
10-20 mountain climbers
10-20 crunches
10-20 air squats

50-100-meter farmer’s or single-arm suitcase carry (find some heavy stuff to carry like a suitcase)
1:00-1:30 plank
10 single-leg object (8#-35#) passes each leg
10 skaters

AMRAP in 10:00
20 double-unders or max effort pogo jumps
2 broad jumps
10 squat thrusts

8-round Tabata squats
8-round Tabata burpees
8-round Tabata mountain climbers
8-round Tabata push-ups

AMRAP in 8:00
4 inverted rows
8 jumping squats
16 single-leg side-to-side hops (8 per leg)

100 air squats
1-mile run

AMRAP in 12:00
12 jumping alternating lunges
6-12 push-ups with opposite-side shoulder tap or standard push-ups
12-meter bear crawl

EMOM for 12:00
First: 20-30 scissor kicks (similar to a flutter kick, but you’re crossing your legs over and under each other as they move side to side)
Second: 10-15 Supermen w/2-second hold

5-10 tempo inverted rows
5-10 tempo push-ups
10-15 tempo squats
* Tempo: 5-second descent

AMRAP in 15:00
10 reverse-forward lunges each leg (one leg at a time)
100-200-meter run
20 alternating T-planks

0:30 side elbow bridge each side
10 floor angels (start on your back with your hands at your side, palm up. Keeping your arms on the ground and palms up, rotate them over head)
10 hip bridges
10 donkey kicks each side

0:45 good mornings w/PVC or similar or unloaded
0:45 jumping jacks
0:45 flutter kicks
0:45 high knees
Rest 1:00

AMRAP in 6:00
6 sit-ups
12 side-to-side leg lifts on ground
24 Russian twists

AMRAP in 12:00
20 air squats
20 two-legged side-to-side hops over low object
20 Russian twists

2 x 5:00 AMRAPs, rest 2:00 between
5 burpees
10 air squats
15 jumping jacks

5k run or hike

AMRAP in 10:00
5 Bulgarian squats each leg, unloaded
10 air squats
100-meter run

Load a sturdy backpack or duffel with objects (10#-50#) and use it for the following:
6 deadlifts
6 hang power cleans
6 front squats
6 push presses
100-200-meter run (w/backpack)

AMRAP in 2:00
10 side-to-side leg lifts
10 Russian twists, unloaded
-rest 1:00-
AMRAP in 2:00
5 standard crunches
5 prone (on the ground) leg lifts
-rest 1:00-
AMRAP in 2:00
20 flutter kicks
10 plank reach-throughs

10-20 incline push-ups
5-15 inverted rows
10-20 bench/chair dips
0:30-1:00 active bar/doorway/patio cover hang